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Joe Kapp Collectibles

pro football guide
Vancouver life sports illustrated
street & smith pro football sports stars
sport review 1970
cal vs pacific
Touchdown 60
58 Bears Digest
Football Offense
1986 big game
Cal Living 202

The Canadian Football League Story

40 for 60 book
Sport World
Football Forcast 1970
Pats Patter
Pro Football Sports Special
True Mag California Monthly
Touchdown 61 Touchdown 62
70 Handbook and Schedules
date in 58
Countdown to grey cup winning it all
1982 washington state
roast 2
Magic Circle 2
Magic Circle
Weekly TV Log 40 for 60 schedule
boy scouts
68 Media Guide 2
1970 Football Forcast Football Stars of 1970
Great Moments 50 Years Lions Football
Canadian Football Canadian Football News
Canadian Football News 2 LatinAmerican
Athletes Remembered
the other league
SI Poster02
Night of Champions

1969 Joe Kapp SI Poster

1962 Lions vs Eskimos 1963 Lions vs Rough
1964 lions cagary 64 lions vs bombers
Kapps Bar

The first picture I ever took of Joe Kapp in 1996 at his Bar and Grill in Mtn. View, CA

Office 2
Office 1
office 3
Eller Hat
squirrel squirrel 2
wine kapp 202
Kapp 58 Look All America ball02

1958 Look All American signed football.

Joe Kapp Squirrel Brand Peanut Butter

wine kapp 4

2007 Joe Kapp Wine “The Play”

Kapp 64 grey cup ball02

1964 Grey Cup signed football.

Joe Kapp Issues 900

A Joe Kapp signing from 2011.

joe kapp book 3
66 lions program

1966 BC Lions Program

Joe Kapp’s Book 2019