SI Presents 2


Newsstand Issues Needed


Sports Illustrated Presents Page Two

Sports Illustrated Presents Wanted

Pres Troy Aikman Pres Steve Young 2 Pres Kerry Collins 2 pres bill parcells

Troy Aikman

Steve Young

Kerry Collins

Bill Parcells

Pres Brett Favre 97 Pres John Elway Pres 97 Rick Mirer

Brett Favre

John Elway

Rick Mirer

Pres Gus Ferotte z

Gus Frerotte

Pres Bill Parcells 2
Pres Chipper Jones02

Chipper Jones

Pres Ivan Rodriguez02

Ivan Rodriguez

Mark McGwire 300

Mark McGwire  & Jose Canseco

pres 97 Mo Vaughn 2

Mo Vaughn

Pres Royce Clayton

Royce Clayton

Pres Penny Hardaway

Penny Hardaway

Pres Patrick Ewing 97 98

Patrick Ewing

Pres Mike Piazza 2

Mike Piazza

Pres Ken Griffey 97

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Pres Gregg Jefferies

Gregg Jefferies

pres Bobby Hurley 250

Bobby Hurley

Pres Michael Jordan 97 98

Michael Jordan

Pres Albert Belle

Albert Belle

Pres Chuck Knoblauch

Chuck Knoblauch

Pres Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

Pres Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson

Pres Chauncey Billups

Chauncey Billups

Pres Brady Anderson

Brady Anderson

pres Roger Clemens 97

Roger Clemens

Pres Shaq


pres 98 Gary Payton 2

Gary Payton

Pres Grant Hill Z
Pres Pedro Martinez 98

Pedro Martinez

Pres Ken Griffey 98

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Grant Hill

Pres Rod Beck pres 98 Andres Galarraga

Rod Beck


Tino Martinez

Andres Galarraga

Pres Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

Pres 98 Cal Ripkin

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Pres Hideo Nomo

Hideo Nomo

Pres Sandy Alomar 2 Pres Roger Clemems 2 Pres Mark McGwire 300

Sandy Alomar

Roger Clemens

PRES Curt Schilling SIGNED

Curt Schilling

Mark McGwire

If you have any of these Sports Illustrated Presents for sale, let me know.

Mark McGwire 1000
Pres Grant Hill 3
Pres Hideo Nomo 2
Pres Mark McGwire 1000